Our Story

Studies show that more fashionable players win more matches. It’s science. We are kidding, of course. Although a stylish and functional outfit could really help you score points on the court, and off it. We wanted to create beautiful tennis wear that serves (ace!) more than one purpose. Who said that a tennis skirt can’t be worn everywhere? From the court to the coffee shop, and even out on the town. Our apparel is designed for the modern woman with “après tennis” in mind. And we’re here to help you style it!

Designed for the modern woman.

Our Game Plan

Run by a couple of hard-hitting ladies, and based in beautiful Vancouver, Yamogu is committed to making stylish and versatile active wear that helps you maximize your performance while minimizing your closet. We also want to win a grand slam one day. 

Our goal is for the tennis dress to replace the cocktail dress. It should be a staple. And it should be sustainably made and manufactured locally. Our apparel represents our values. We are not fast fashion. We treat the environment like the lawn at Wimbledon. Our ‘cabbage’ (aka fabric waste) does not end up in landfill – we use it to make matching hair accessories. Cute and eco-friendly! Like every great champion, we minimize our unforced errors and stay two steps ahead of our opponent. Game. Set. Yamogu.